Some of the large customers of "Para-Dive 98" OOD are:

  • "Allianz Bank Bulgaria" AD
  • "Bulyard Ship-building Industry" AD
  • "Odesos PBM" AD Port
  • "Central Mall" Veliko Tarnovo
  • "Bulport Logistics" AD
  • "Agropolychim" AD Devnya
  • "Grain Terminal Varna West" AD
  • "Aliphos Bulgaria" EAD
  • "Zarneni hrani - Silistra" AD
  • "MTM" Varna
  • "Helios" Hotel - "Golden Sands" resort complex
  • "Double tree - Hilton" Hotel - "Golden Sands" resort complex
  • "Shopmetrics Europe" LTD
  • "CBA Supermarkets"
  • "Koraboimpex" AD
  • "BSR Varna" AD
  • "IDIS" AD
  • "Obzor" Hotel - "Golden Sands" resort complex
  • "Izgrev" Hotel - "Golden Sands" resort complex
  • "Primorska Entrepot Trade" AD
  • SOK "Kamchiya" - "Kamchiya" resort complex
  • "Progeco Bulgaria" AD
  • Objects, property of the Municipality of Targovishte
  • "Planet Trans" LTD
  • "Filvik" AD
  • "2create" OOD
  • "Dilcom Bulgaria" EOOD
  • "MOS Capital" EOOD

The company has signed contracts with a number of smaller customers as well.

On the territory of "Golden Sands" resort complex the company works on tourist sites that are active recreation and relax bases. The company works on the site of a resort base under construction in the resort complex of "Kamchiya" - for example SOK "Kamchiya", property of the Government of Moscow.

"Para-Dive 98" OOD is in contractual relations with the following foreign companies for the performance of their activity on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria:

  • "Condock" Ship Company - Hamburg, Germany
  • "SHH" Technical Services Company - Limassol, Cyprus
  • "S.C.ROKURA S.R.L." Discreet Device Company - Bucharest, Romania - general representative of "Transcript International" - Lincoln, Nebraska US for the Balkan Peninsula
  • "Gold" Commercial Company - Istanbul, Turkey