“Para-Dive 98” OOD organizes special training sessions for its employees:

  1. All employees of “Para-Dive 98” OOD attend a compulsory training course covering the minimum requirements as per the Private Security Activity Act and a specialized training course covering:

    • requirements regarding their direct duties
    • familiarization with the guarded objects
    • occupational safety instructions
    • fire-fighting and fire-prevention instructions
    • team-work
    • behaviour regarding customers, their partners and staff in connection with the guards’ professional duties

  2. “Para-Dive 98” OOD organises initial training courses for its applicants, finishing with an examination of the approved ones. The course is free.
  3. The security company organises regular professional development courses as per the Private Security Activity Act and the Explosive Substances, Fire-arms and Ammunitions Control Act including:

    • Legislative regulation of private security activity
    • Rights and obligations of guards
    • Actions in complicated situations
    • Penal and legal training
    • First aid